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6 Effective Tips To Prolong The Cannabis High

There are so many things that help people deal with stress and anxiety. One of the famous ways has also become the latest trend. If you haven’t noticed, Americans are binge buying cannabis more than ever. While patients are getting cannabis using a medical marijuana recommendation, some use it for recreational purposes. So, for whatever reason people use cannabis, there’s one thing for sure, marijuana sales have spiked in the past few months. All thanks to the people buying cannabis nationwide. Be it dealing with the existing situation or having a good night’s sleep.  However, if you are a relatively experienced user, you might develop certain tolerance levels over time. The herb might not affect you the way it used to when you started using it. As a result, you might have noticed that it takes a slightly higher dose for you to feel the psychoactive effects. Not only this but regular use of THC can cause you to go for a higher dose every time your body and mind become tolerant. But as they say, too much of everything is bad. So, I would suggest that you stick to the existing dose without having to experience the side effects of an overdose.  For the same, you can either take a break from cannabis. A few days without cannabis will help bring back the ability to get high from a tolerated dose. Or else you can try the 6 effective tips that we are about to mention in this post below. Before that, first, let’s take a look at how long does a cannabis high usually last?

How Long Does My Cannabis High Lasts?

Cannabis Plant To answer this question, we have joined together a variety of facts. For instance, the type of product used, the potency of the strain, the body’s reaction to cannabis, and how much cannabis you consume. Based on these factors an individual can analyze how long the effect of a dose lasts. So, first, let’s start with cannabis products. There is a wide range of cannabis products out there. Some have high contents of THC while others are combined forms of CBD and THC. If you consume a product containing THC, you are likely to get more intoxicated than from a product containing both THC and CBD. Also, cannabis-induced products such as edibles have a long-lasting effect on our bodies over a sublingual.  A sublingual will get you high immediately, whereas you have to be patient with an edible. An edible shows its effects after the process of digestion is complete. Technically, it might take you 3-4 hours to feel intoxicated. However, after the effects stats running through your body, it might as well last for 7-8 hours.  That said, let us quickly take a look at other contributing factors. Next in line is the potency of the strain. With so many products out there in the market, people often find it difficult to analyze the potency of a strain. That’s because not all strains are created equal and not all companies show lab reports. So, I would suggest that you get what’s worth your money by checking the lab reports. Also, make sure you buy products from licensed dispensaries. Now, you know the factors that will affect your high. Without further ado let’s dive straight into the tips that help you make the high last longer.                    


Food First things first, you will require a medical marijuana recommendation or a state-issued ID card to get THC induced products. So, make sure you get one, and don’t forget to check in with your state laws to be on the safer side. Moving on, here is a report that talks about marijuana users’ experience. According to this report or to be precise people’s personal experience with cannabis, some fruits can help enhance cannabis high. These fruits include mango, nuts, sweet potato, and anything sweet.  If you have mango juice or a slice of mango an hour before consuming cannabis, you are likely to experience an effective high. Although, this doesn’t mean that you gulp an entire pantry of mangoes. One mango at a time will work in your favor. You see, mango contains terpenes which are also present in the cannabis plant. When both terpenes combine together with the rest of the other components a better quality high is produced. This also counts as a healthy treat and you can also eat mangos afterward to deal with cannabis munchies.  Other foods include nuts and sweet potatoes. If you have nuts before consuming cannabis, the fatty acids of the nuts will collaborate with cannabinoids to produce an enhanced psychoactive effect. The same action can be performed by sweet items with fatty content in them.                        


ExerciseYou might wonder how exercise can help you increase the high. Well, we have an answer for you. Marijuana induced exercise sessions help increase focus and strength. Not only this but exercises boost your metabolism and over health. If you mix exercise and cannabis you will feel the effects of marijuana more while your body is at a go. So, try including exercise in your daily cannabis sessions. Who knows you might as well enjoy working out while you are under the influence of marijuana. 

Consume Cannabis In A Closed Space

Cannabis Have you heard anything about “hotboxing”? If you have, you already know where we are going with this. For those who don’t know, hotboxing is a term used to describe smoking cannabis in an extremely confined space. A confined area allows the smoke fumes to stay inside for a longer time. Eventually, giving you an opportunity to get high pretty quick. Not only this, but a confined space also allows you to stay in a euphoric zone for an elongated period.  However, there are various downsides to smoking cannabis. Any form of burnt fumes causes damage to the lungs and in these crucial times, it is not good to catch up on respiratory illness. So, try alternative forms of consumption such as edibles. After all, edibles have a stronger effect than smoke.                           

Mix Everything Up

Cannabis Drink Now that I have clearly mentioned that smoking is not a safe option during the pandemic. You can try different forms of consumption. If you prefer sublinguals such as gums and lollipops, make sure you keep them directly under the tongue to feel the effects instantly. Also, a sudden switch will provide the much needed fresh start. This way you will feel high easily without having to increase the dose. 

Take A Break

Take A Break After briefly mentioning in the introduction that taking a tolerance break can really help you. We will show you how it actually works. First and foremost you need to understand that your body desensitizes after regular consumption of THC. So, there comes a point when a tiny dose will not work as effectively as it did before. And the good news is some cannabis users swear by this tip. They believe that taking a cannabis tolerance break can give you a body cleanse of some sort. Thus, indicating that your body is sensitized again to feel the psychoactive effects of cannabis.                 

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