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Munch on These 6 Snacks to Take Your Cannabis High to The Next Level

Munch on These 6 Snacks to Take Your Cannabis High to The Next Level

Cannabis and food is definitely a combo inseparable. You might have heard about munchies, which is quite a common phenomenon accompanying a cannabis session. This is one of the properties of cannabis that makes you feel extremely hungry. And no matter how much you try otherwise, when you are consuming the herb, you are bound to become a fridge raider and gulp on any snack you may find.

But hey, what if I tell you that your high time snacks can do a lot more than just calm your rushing appetite? I’m talking about the effects of THC here!

Well, yes, there are some foods that can enhance your marijuana high too. And in this article, we’re going to discuss the top six of them. So, if you are a medical user with a medical cannabis card, sit tight and learn about how you may step up your marijuana game.


Nuts are surely a great choice when it comes to something that you may munch while enjoying your cannabis. They are light. They are healthy. And the best part- they can enhance your marijuana high. This is because nuts have a very nice quantity of omega-3 fatty acids, which make it easier for the THC to get through the blood-brain barrier.


Mangoes are already quite famous for enhancing the effects of THC. The fruit contains a terpene called myrcene that contributes to the plant’s strong aroma. And as per the research, this particular terpene may also speed up the onset of intoxicating effects of cannabis and also extend the duration of your high.

Experts suggest consuming mangoes around an hour before your cannabis session. This way it may get some time to interact with the cannabinoid receptors, and thus, making them respond better to the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant.

Green Tea

You may try green tea too in order to enhance your marijuana high. Green tea, unlike other traditional teas, is less processed. Due to this, it contains more catechins comparably. Catechins are the compounds that, by binding with your CB1 receptors, make you feel relaxed and calm.

Green tea also has the ability to lift your mood and lower your stress. All this leads to a lot better and euphoric high when you consume it with cannabis.

Sweet Potatoes

Well, sweet potatoes don’t alter your high in the usual way. Rather, they have a high concentration of vitamin B, E, and complex carbohydrates. Given this, when you consume sweet potatoes with cannabis, the level of serotonin in your brain rises, leading to a feeling of relaxation. This may also help you enhance your mood and fight depression.

You must remember, though, that consuming carbohydrates along with proteins may, instead, block the production of serotonin in your brain. Hence, while enjoying cannabis and sweet potatoes together, keep your protein intake to the minimum.

Spices and Herbs

Consuming spices and herbs may also be a nice way to enhance your marijuana high. Certain herbs, including bay, thyme and sage, have a terpene called pinene which naturally opens up the lung passages, making it easier for the cannabinoids to pass through them. This can lower the onset time of cannabis high and also increase its duration.

There are some herbs that may also help you counter the negative effects of cannabis, including anxiety, paranoia and depression.


Now, this is not really a snack. But we had to mention it. And the reason for it you’ll understand in a minute.

See, beer and cannabis is again a very strong combination when it comes to the intoxicating effects. Commonly known as crossfading, consuming beer before cannabis can enhance your high multifold. As you know, both these substances have their own psychedelic effects. And when you mix them, the result can sometimes be extreme. For this reason, experts don’t recommend consuming them together if you are new to marijuana.

As per the studies, beer has the ability to enhance the bioavailability of cannabis. This means, your body consumes the THC a lot quickly when under the influence of beer. Hence, if you are consuming the two substances together, you must be very careful.

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