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Wanna Enjoy COVID-Free Holidays This Year? Say no to Community Cannabis Smoking

Wanna Enjoy COVID-Free Holidays This Year? Say no to Community Cannabis Smoking

The CDC has appealed to people of the US to stay where they are and avoid traveling this holiday season. But are people listening? Obviously not! The flights are just as full right now as any other year. And all this is happening when the COVID-19 rates are at their peak in the country. If you are one of those who have said no to traveling this holiday season, you might be at a lower risk of contracting the virus. However, if, at this time, you are planning on smoking marijuana with someone, well, this “no-travel plan” of yours might betray you. Smoking, we understand, is the most famous way of consuming cannabis. In fact, this is preferred by even those people who have a medical cannabis card. And given this, many tend to defend it. But smoking with others, holiday season or not, is a shortcut to being sick. And thus you must avoid it.

Why is Community Smoking a Problem?

If you are not aware of it already, the most common way through which the COVID-19 virus spreads is by lingering on solid surfaces. And while sharing a joint or any other smoking equipment, you and the others may be at very high risk. In fact, sharing a smoke may be just as dangerous as not washing hands post using public restrooms or having sex with someone without protection. It may lead to various ailments, like common cold to flu and even herpes. In simple words, it’s the end of that long-running “puff and pass” tradition of marijuana smokers.

Experts Even Recommend You Stop Smoking Altogether

Well, if you say no to smoking with others, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re totally safe. There’s a recent study by the University of Western Australia showing a link between COVID and cannabis. As per the study, marijuana users are at a greater risk of catching the infection. Now, most of this is about “smoking” in particular and not cannabis, generally. There’s another similar study pointing to the fact that smoking cannabis may put people at a higher risk of developing chronic symptoms of COVID-19 if they catch it.  However, here too, it’s weakened lungs and not cannabis itself heightening the risk. As per the experts, heavy cannabis smoking may put you at a higher risk of hospitalization due to coronavirus.

But What to do if Not Smoke?

If you want to enjoy cannabis, there are many other ways of doing so than smoking. Some of these ways are given below.
  • Edibles

Edibles are becoming a very famous way of consuming cannabis slowly. In fact, it’s already one of the top ways through which people with a medical marijuana card consume the herb. Marijuana edibles are like any other food, but with cannabis content in it. And you consume them too like any other food. Now, if you want to enjoy cannabis with your loved ones this holiday, what could be better than consuming it in the form of some tasty treats? Buy some of your favorite edibles from a dispensary and enjoy it with your friends and family. Or you may even prepare them at home. Cooking cannabis edibles can be a really great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.
  • Vape Pens

Vape pens are also a great alternative to smoking. They are a lot less harsh on your lungs, which is a great thing in terms of safety from COVID-19. Also, why we didn’t mention vaping as a whole but vape pens only is because many vaporizers can be shared. However, with vape pens, you can enjoy the effects individually. And that’s what we are focussing on here.
  • Beverages

You may even enjoy cannabis-infused beverages while enjoying your holidays this year. There are some cannabis products available in the market that you can mix with your cold drinks or juices. Or if you don’t wanna go out and find them, you can always make canna-infused iced tea or lemonade at home. In the end, we just want to press again that you must avoid smoking cannabis with others this holiday season in order to keep yourself and others safe from the current pandemic. It is even advisable to avoid smoking altogether, as it may put you at a higher risk of developing chronic COVID symptoms. Holidays are a time to have fun and relax. But this year, it’s important to be a little cautious.

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