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All You Should Know About Cannabis and COVID-19

All You Should Know About Cannabis and COVID-19

Cannabis is an essential in most states of the US! That’s a change no one expected to come out of COVID-19. This decision has made more people realize the importance of cannabis in human lives. Consequently, the stigma is decreasing and more people are now ready to get a medical marijuana card to experience the effects of cannabis. But these are not the only changes you can see in the cannabis sector.  Other factors of cannabis like sales, consumer patterns, health risks and everything else that you can think of has seen the influence of COVID-19. If you haven’t been able to keep up with the developments, let me give you a helping hand.  Here are some of the important facts that you must know about COVID-19 and cannabis. 

Online Orders Are Better Options

Since cannabis has been deemed essential, most people can now stop worrying about the shortage of cannabis. However, this does not mean that you leave your home just to stand in a line in front of the dispensary. That’s not safe for you or others around you. Even though the lockdown has been eased, it is best to not crowd the dispensaries.  Prioritizing social distancing, online orders are a better option. Since the lockdown, the cannabis industry got digital in as many aspects as it could. So more dispensaries across the US have laid out their catalogue online. This allows the customers to go through the products and the price points and place an order online. You can then opt for a home delivery or a curbside pickup as per the services offered by the store.  Just remember to place orders on legitimate sources only otherwise you may have to compromise on quality and even health. 

Cannabis Etiquettes Are Now Changed

Cannabis was a means of socializing among people. But given the current circumstances, it won’t stay that way anymore. Every cannabis consumer must be aware of the unsaid etiquettes of cannabis. The most common of which is the infamous ‘puff, puff and pass’ rule. These rules made cannabis a helper in improving social life.  With COVID-19 in the picture, the rule better suits the current environment as ‘puff, puff and don’t pass’. Given the fact that COVID-19 has a long incubation period and asymptomatic cases too, sharing has to be avoided in every way and form. Sharing of joints, pipes, vaporizers, pens etc. increases the chances of direct transmission. Similarly, sharing of stash can prove to be a means of indirect transmission where your stash is the contaminated surface. Follow an etiquette of everyone getting their own stuff instead. Stay at least 6 feet away from one another and enjoy a session while being safe. 

Edibles Are Taking Over The Market

Edibles Smoking used to be the most preferred way of consuming cannabis until COVID-19 took over the world. Now edibles have one of the highest sales in the market. This is because of the health risks of smoking. The collected data so far clears the fact that smoking cannabis can be a health hazard at the moment. Many chain smokers may already be aware of the irritants and side effects associated with smoking and vaping. While earlier these risks were not given much attention, today, the same side effects can be the reason for COVID-19 related complications. The chemical composition of smoke and vapors puts the lungs under stress. As a result, the respiratory system isn’t healthy enough to fight the disease and the host ends up with severe symptoms.  As a safety measure, many consumers have moved over to edibles which explains the rise in sales. Edibles do not pose the health risks as smoking. So even if you have recently applied for 420 evaluations, consider edibles or other delivery methods than smoking to be safe.

Hygiene With Cannabis Is More Important Than Ever

COVID-19 has made everyone prioritize their hygiene more than ever. Along with the everyday hand wash and sanitization process, you need to be cautious about hygiene with cannabis too. Here are some important points to remember.  You must always wash your hands before handling cannabis. Whether you are grinding the buds, eating an edible, making cannabutter or smoking a pipe, hand washing is a must.  Next step is to clean all cannabis accessories. From grinders and bong to water pipes, everything that is washable has to be disinfected properly. You do not want it to be the breeding ground of germs or SARS-CoV-2. Similarly, disinfect the kitchen counters and utensils before starting to cook with cannabis at home.  If you are opting for home deliveries, remember to be careful with the package. SARS-CoV-2 can live on surfaces for days so you must learn to disinfect the cannabis packages properly. 

Cannabis Can Be Helpful During The Pandemic

Cannabis can prove to be a great help during the pandemic. For starters, COVID-19 gave a hard blow to the economy. But ever since the pandemic began, cannabis sales have only seen a steady rise. This has also diverted a lot of investors into the cannabis industry. These factors can be a silver lining for the falling economy.  Cannabis can also help with its therapeutic properties during the pandemic. Stress and anxiety have also been on a rise in the current circumstances. A dose of cannabis can calm the feelings and relax the mind. For people who have been suffering from body aches due to sitting in front of laptops can use cannabis to ease the pain.  In case you need a pastime during quarantine, start growing your own cannabis. Caring for the plant will kill the extra boring hours and give you an unlimited supply of cannabis too. 

‘Cannabis Is A Cure To COVID-19’ Is An Inconclusive Statement

The onset of the pandemic also created chaos that is mostly a result of misinformation. Cannabis is no stranger to such rumors. One of the most circulated one was the claim that cannabis can cure COVID-19. This is a statement that can neither be confirmed nor denied.  The search for COVID-19’s cure is a long quest that will take some time. Cannabis is part of that quest. Many studies are being conducted about the effects of cannabis, CBD or terpenes on the novel coronavirus. However, these studies are still ongoing. No conclusions have been made yet so it is best to not believe rumors blindly.  Now that you are familiar with the important information about COVID-19 and cannabis, make sure that you incorporate it in your lifestyle and stay safe.

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