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Can CBD Increase Your Sports Performance?

Can CBD Increase Your Sports Performance?

Medical marijuana has gained a lot of attention lately. Especially considering the fact that now 33+ Americans have legalized medical marijuana. In fact, there is no doubt that the reason behind this popularity has led several people to get an MMJ card. So, have you recently purchased a high-quality strain with the help of a medical marijuana card? If yes, let us know everything about your experience in the comment section below.  Having said that, let us take a look at how CBD can be helpful for athletes and sports players in general. Also, whether or not CBD can enhance sports performance or not? Let’s begin. 

CBD and sports performance

I am sure most of you are familiar with the infamous words ‘runner’s high’. It is an accelerated feeling caused after an intense session of physical exercise. However, the entire reaction is caused by the release of endorphins and anandamide. And the good news is, anandamide is very similar to THC – the main component of the cannabis plant. edible marijuana But we need to first understand what anandamide actually is? Basically, it is a naturally produced chemical in the body. When released from the body it causes a feeling of euphoria which ultimately results in relaxation and sometimes pain relief too. So, if we solely look at CBD’s role, it is fair to say that it increases the production of anandamide. This also means that CBD usage could help improve sports performance.  Simply put, here are some of the medical benefits CBD offers and they can be very helpful in the case of athletes. 

CBD can improve mental health

We all know that focus and attention are important for any game. It is no -brainer and some of the sports personalities consume caffeine to improve focus. This also means that sports stars also utilize an external source of power and energy. Especially the ones that lead to focus, attention and overall improved performance.  Not only this but we all know that anxiety is a common condition that can sometimes also affect the performance of profound sports players. So, to keep the same medical condition in check and to increase sports performance some experts recommend CBD. CBD can treat anxiety and cause the brain to relax. 

Relief from pain and inflammation 

Several studies claim CBD is an effective treatment for people suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. In fact, most of the studies are of the view that the phytocannabinoids interact with the naturally present cannabinoids, and, in turn, causes the body to feel less pain. cbd-relief-pain Turns out, this is why most of the sports players believe that cannabis is also one of the top alternatives to opioids. What does this mean for sports players? It means that the pain that athletes feel can be reduced with CBD without or no side effects. Especially if the players are using the right amount of dose. In addition to this, CBD is also quite effective in decreasing inflammation caused due to muscle wear and extra pressure on the body. 

Improves sleep

Say you live in Palmdale and you recently got a medical marijuana card in Palmdale. The card is your doorway to high-quality marijuana strains and the recommended strains are helping you sleep peacefully. Similarly, the exact situation can also be applied to sports players. You see sports players often suffer from sleep disorders. This is why it is imperative to look into the science behind sleep and medical marijuana.  Now, when cannabis directly interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it produces two major effects. The first one is direct and the other indirect. The direct impact is usually caused when cannabis binds with CB1 receptors. It is due to the direct interaction that most people feel relaxed after smoking or vaping marijuana. However, it is vital to consider the dosing guide. So, given all the effects cannabis produces in the body, it is safe to say that CBD can definitely improve the overall performance of an athlete. 

Final thoughts on CBD and improved sports performance

You can see several NFL and NBA players supporting the use of medical marijuana. Instead, most of them think that CBD use can bring about a change in existing NFL and NBA policies. Especially the ones concerning opioids use for pain relief. However, the sports authorities think that concrete proof can help them change their policies. As of now, only CBD will work best for you if you consume a medically supervised dose. For instance, if you are a national level athlete and you stay in Palmdale, you can easily get an MMJ card and use it to enhance your sports performance.

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