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Counteract A Too Intense Cannabis High With These Tips

Counteract A Too Intense Cannabis High With These Tips

When a person starts to use cannabis for the first time there is a high possibility that one goes overboard a little bit. This is not dependent on whether or not they hold a medical marijuana card or not.  The problem of going overboard is usually a side effect of eating too many edibles and not dosing them properly. This is a common occurrence especially when you are just beginning out. It   Why just edibles, you can get a little too high even with inhaling a little too much or just had concentrates and realised how potent they actually are, it can be a hundred different things. But what now? You are already too high and the experience when you get a little too cannabis high is anything but pleasant.         But fear not, it is a right of passage to go through a very strong experience.  There are various ways in which one can calm themselves from feeling too overwhelmed, uncomfortable and too high.  

Don’t Panic

This is easier said than done. The moment the realisation hits that you are a little too high, you are bound to freak out. This is an often overwhelming feeling and because you are high your paranoia starts to kick in.  At this time you need to remember this will pass away in a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. There are no lasting effects, except maybe a little grogginess.  Plus, there are zero reported cases of someone dying because of a cannabis overdose. So, you will get through this without any issues. 

Water And Snacks Are A Great Start

Water is your lifeline, you need to constantly hydrate. The choice is yours, either you do it with the help of water or juice. Always have a nice cold beverage by your side. This will help you combat the dry mouth and allow you to focus on the other simple task i.e. swallowing and sipping.  Remember that when we are talking about drinking, we by no chance mean alcohol. That can actually aggravate your condition. Especially if you are hit by a particularly aggressive bout of cannabis high A light snack is another great option as it can help you feel a lot more grounded. Fruits and nuts are a great option. Also along with cheese and crackers are another amazing addition. Good food is great for both the body, soul and now even your high. 

Spice Takes The Cannabis High Off

A simple way to cure cannabis high or at least tone down the paranoia and anxiety are spices. These are easily one of the most cost-effective ways to come down from a high.  Most people swear by black pepper to aid in coming down from their high. Just sniff or chew on a couple of black peppercorns to receive an almost instant relief. 

Go To Sleep

Find a quaint spot within your house and dose off to sleep. Start by resting and breathing deeply. Then move on to remember that these deep feelings of discomfort will eventually pass. They are temporary. Take deep full breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. The sound of your breath should help you calm down and relax for a while.  At times just sleeping it off can and is the best thing that you can do for yourself is to try and turn your brain off.  Once you find yourself a place in your house where you can relax, try staying there. If you find yourself unable to sleep then just stay there till the time you are strong enough to get back up and start moving.  medical marijuana doctor

Walk It Off 

If you can find it within yourself then, getting up and enjoying a change of scenery is a good idea. Get your blood pumping and invigorate yourself. Remember to stick to surrounding you are familiar with, you don’t want to be high and lost at the same time.  If you start feeling woozy or lightheaded, make your way back to the pavilion.  Finally, if you feel you are too high a good option is to counteract it with CBD. This will help you at least go off to sleep and wean off the effects. All of these remedies might not work on the same level for everyone. So, try a couple of things and then zero down on the thing of your choice.

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