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How to Boost Marijuana’s Anxiolytic Action

How to Boost Marijuana’s Anxiolytic Action?

Stress can outrun your ability for managing your mental health. And before you know it stress can cause side effects that are detrimental to your overall health. From simple headaches to rising blood pressure, risk of developing cardiovascular disorders, obesity, diabetes, and whatnot. Aside from the traditional stress alleviating measures such as anti-anxiety medicines and antidepressants, there is another option that has taken the limelight over the last few years. Primarily to avoid all the side-effects that come with traditional medication. Patients across the United States are increasingly turning to cannabis products after going for a medical marijuana evaluation for managing their stress and anxiety.   Undoubtedly, cannabis assists in providing a multitude of benefits. Be it increasing focus or unwinding after a long stressful day. So for many, turning to marijuana to relieve anxiety would feel like a plausible thought. However, cannabis doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. Therefore, if you want to extend the stress-busting features of marijuana, here are a few things that you should consider.

Don’t Get Past The Dosing Amounts 

It’s a well-known fact that cannabis causes euphoria. Or to be precise, it’s THC that gives you those provoking emotional reactions. So, before you turn to marijuana for relieving your anxiety, you must understand that medical marijuana is a biphasic molecule. According to the experts, using marijuana regularly can slow down your response time. And that could make you want for more. Resulting in a flight or fear response that would aggravate your chances of getting better. Studies confirm that anxiolytic activities of cannabis are usually observed at lower doses.  Hence, we recommend you to go low when starting your cannabis journey. The Dosing Amounts And if you are regular cannabis users, finding the ideal dosage below your threshold value (above this value you will start feeling the cannabis high) is something you must work on. Remember, no two individuals will have the same effects, even if they consume the same strain. Or go with the same dosage regimes. So, once you have an idea of your ideal dosage, stick to it.    You can also try different cannabis strains. Or go for a different consumption method such as edibles or vaping will help you to relieve your symptoms effectively.  Also, Read: How Does Entourage Effect Exert Distinct Benefits?

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Nature rules our minds. The same concept works for cannabis as well. It’s essential to consider your present mindset and environment when looking to extrapolate the maximum benefits out of the herb. This is why it is good to have hands-on experience about different products and their functionality to curate your cannabis experiences. That’s how you can quickly obtain the perfect cannabis therapeutic potency. But, if you are out of ideas, here are some settings that can help you extract the best out of your cannabis product. 
  • You can switch on your noise-buffering headphones and listen to some interstellar soundtracks.
  • Consume your favorite products when cleaning your room while listening to a podcast or fantastic jazz music. 
  • You can opt to use the product while holding hands with your partner. 
  • Immersing yourself into books that catch your attention
The more creative you go with your setting, the more cannabis will be effective on your stress triggers. Having said that, everyone can’t determine the best dosage and surroundings in the first go. If everything is in the right place, even a little cannabis intake can work wonders for anxiety management. 

Don’t Feel Ashamed 

Although we have come a long way, still a lot of people don’t shy away from passing judgments about cannabis users. And that makes a lot of users skeptical about their decision on obtaining a medical marijuana evaluation. I have certainly come across a lot of people who try to keep their cannabis consumption discreet.  Patients across the world have been using marijuana to manage a variety of chronic medical conditions with success. And if you are one of them then there is absolutely nothing to feel ashamed about. Don’t forget, it’s your medicine no matter what anyone believes.  Let me share an example with you.  Have you ever seen anyone feeling ashamed of drinking beer? Or the ones who gush about drinking that extra glass of coffee. Remember, we are consuming a lot of commodities that have known mind-altering effects. Sugar is more addictive than cannabis and most of us bear this addiction without even knowing it. The rule of thumb for cannabis patients is to alter their stress signals instead of getting high.

Respect The Cannabis “High” 

Novice cannabis users often fear about the euphoria caused by the intake of cannabis. However, one must embrace that, instead of being fearful. Still, if you are unable to shake hands with the fact then it’s better to choose Indica or Indica-dominant strains for the desired anxiolytic effects. These strains are known to produce relaxing effects and that too, without any side-effects. You can look for products that are rich in THCA and CBDA and choose the ones that suit your medical condition.  Additionally, anxiety patients can choose cannabis strains that are high on terpenes like linalool or myrcene. As per the study published in the Indian Journal of psychiatry, these terpenes have a role in influencing cerebral blood flow that produces calming effects. So, using these aromatic oils will leave you relaxed no matter what’s happening around you.  Another way to avoid euphoria is to start micro-dosing. Make sure that you never go beyond your threshold. That way, you can use your cannabis in its full potential and manage your stress levels significantly. CBD Products Using CBD products can greatly help patients reap the anxiolytic effects of cannabis without getting high. There are several patients with other conditions like PTSD who cannot consume cannabis because of THC. The high can actually make their situation worse instead of helping. So, using CBD products like oils, edibles, and tinctures can come to the rescue of patients who are trying to avoid THC in their products.

What Does This Mean For You?

No doubt that medical cannabis is an asset when it comes to providing an array of therapeutic benefits. However, like any other pharmaceutical drug, cannabis too has a few cons. Since it is a biphasic product, one needs to have a knowledge of the strain or product they are using to avoid any side-effects.  According to the European Journal of Medicine, the final cannabis dosage would vary according to your gender, weight, time of the day, food intake, and other environmental factors. So, experts advise starting low and going slow with marijuana consumption. For example, you can either start with 2.5 mg when microdosing. Otherwise, 5 mg might be helpful too. That way, you will only feel its therapeutic effects, which in this case is anxiolytic or stress-relieving action.  Other than that, you must consider a comfortable place to consume your favorite cannabis strains. It could be anything, a sofa or a hot bath. Maintaining comfort is vital. Another way is to choose one of the following consumption methods such as tinctures, topicals, bath bombs if you are looking for relaxation.  Anxiety and stress can come knocking at our doors at any odd hour. Considering the fact that most Americans are staying at home can add to mental pressure. For some it can be easy to manage stress with exercise, meditation, and yoga. But these habits don’t necessarily work for everyone.  With these few tips you can use your cannabis medicine and keep stress at bay. Not only this but medical cannabis can also allow you to avoid the serious and unpleasant side effects of pharmaceutical medication. If you are new to cannabis, then consult a 420 doctor online to see if your medical condition qualifies for the use of cannabis. With a medical marijuana evaluation, you can easily get access to a plethora of products in dispensaries and online.

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