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Use your medical marijuana grower license to grow in quarantine

Use your medical marijuana grower license to grow in quarantine

Is COVID stress too much to handle for you? That’s understandable because there are fewer options for productive activities that you can do in quarantine. Well, if you are a cannabis enthusiast, you can invest your time in growing plants for yourself. A medical marijuana grower license can give you the right to grow freely. 

Why you should grow in quarantine?

How have you been killing time in these days of social distancing? Netflix, gaming, or spending time with the family? Well, it has surely been a tough ride. People are stuck at home and looking for an escape. If you are on the same page, growing your own cannabis plants at home can be a great activity to indulge in. Honestly, if you are a cannabis enthusiast, you should know the art of growing. And there is no better time than quarantine. It will keep you productive and cheerful. We are not sure how long the pandemic continues. So, you can grow your crop of cannabis and fuel your supply. 

What are the advantages of growing on your own?

Growing your own plants at home has multiple advantages:

1) You can have greater control over the quality

When you source your herb from a peddler, you can never be sure of the quality. Most of them use adulterants to increase the quantity and chemical sprays to make it potent. Well, that will surely harm you. If you purchase it from a certified dispensary, the quality is going to be good. They source it from certified growers and the buds are of optimum quality. In these times of lockdown, it might be hard to purchase.   certified growers Although the delivery services are active due to high demand, you cannot be sure of getting your favorite strain. So, it’s better if you grow at home. You’ll have to be a bit patient but the best thing is that you’ll be able to pay attention to the quality. You can keep an active watch and you can control aspects like temperature, growing conditions, and nutrition. So, this means that you can grow a strain of customized potency and flavor according to your needs. 

2) You can save more

When you purchase from a dispensary, the quality is great but it tends to be a bit expensive. If you run on a tight budget, growing your own plants can be your saving grace. You’ll be able to grow more for the same amount. This will lead to more savings and help you invest that money in other things. Quantity matters for most people. Well, growing your own crop ensures you harvest a healthy amount of buds to fuel your supply. 

3) You can know cannabis at a deeper level

As a cannabis enthusiast, you surely know the basics. Knowledge about THC and CBD is definitely good but growing enhances your overall understanding of cannabis. You’ll learn about the subtle aspects of the plant that you never knew. For instance, you might know what goes into ensuring proper nutrition for the plants. You’ll know what optimum lighting is and the exact growing conditions that your plant needs to thrive. It’s something that will be very personal to your experience and you can customize the plant according to your needs. When the time to harvest finally comes, you’ll know there is a part of you in that bud too. This enhances your overall cannabis experience. 

4) You can grow more with a grower license

If you have a medical marijuana card, you can grow up to 6 mature and 12 immature plants. Well, if you plan on growing more, you need to have a grower license. You can grow up to 99 plants without the danger of arrest. It gives you legal right and you can avoid all the hassles. The fact that you can grow more means that you can stock up your supply for future use. Honestly, there is no better time than quarantine to invest in the idea of growing your own plants. 

How to get your medical marijuana grower license?

If you want to get a grower license, you need to find a good 420 clinic. Telemedicine makes everything easier. You can access your license from the comfort of your home without any hassle. Once you find a certified cannabis clinic, getting a card involves the following steps.

1) Fill your application

Most clinics require you to fill a simple application. This contains your basic information and a bit about your health history. The entire process is online and it hardly takes a few minutes. 

2) The clinic analyzes your application

The clinic goes through your application and links you to a certified medical marijuana doctor. Before selecting any clinic, make sure that the doctors are certified. This serves as a token of trust that the services would be good, 

3) Interact with the doctor

You get to interact with the doctor via video call. The doctor discusses your health and tries to learn about your condition. You should be absolutely transparent throughout this discussion. This helps the doctor in having a better understanding of your problem. The main of this process is to check if you have a condition that demands enhanced quantities of cannabis. Remember that you can only use cannabis crop for your health. It does not give you a license to sell. marijuana doctors

4) Get your license

If the doctor approves it, you are eligible to own a grower license. The license is delivered to you via mail and hard copies are sent as per your request. Once you have the license, you can grow freely and use the crop for your health. 

What to expect after you have a grower license?

The first thing you should expect is the ability to grow more. On top of that, you get more freedom. Most people are daunted by the idea to grow at home because they fear the cops. But with a license, you don’t need to worry. It gives you the legal right to grow. You can choose whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors and grow accordingly. As mentioned earlier, it does give you the license to sell. It’s strictly for personal use. Well, if you violate the law, you will face legal action. As responsible citizens, most people shouldn’t do that.  Use your medical marijuana grower license responsibly and grow freely during this quarantine. The world is going through a time. So, it’s good if you invest your time in something productive. Growing cannabis plants sounds like a good choice. Stay safe and practice social distancing. 

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